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Our dogs are an integral part of our family life—with us whether we’re snowshoeing in the woods, kayaking down the river, or walking along crowded streets in the centre of town. They follow us around and adapt to the moment with uncanny ability! Their breeding has given them daunting stamina and physical ability, but above all, it has made them incredibly loyal companions. They, quite simply, always look happy! We have nicknamed them “the Happy Dogs,” and their joie de vivre is contagious—making every day with them a joy!




The lively Dida comes from Nathalie Héger’s Wizlo Kennel in France. Dapper to the core, she always has a toy in her mouth in the hopes that we will throw it to her again and again! She is an outstanding swimmer and retriever.




Porto’ s sister is sweetness personified! Obedient, affectionate and animated, she is eager to please and is ingenious in finding ways to get your attention.




Porto came to us from Marie Ekerljung (Rödtop Kennel) in Sweden with his sister Maya in December 2008 and crossed back over to Europe (Italy) in September 2010 to cover the beautiful Tosca from Fabiana Bazanni (Do Lusiadas Kennel)—he is an excellent travelling companion.














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